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 "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them". Matt. 18 v.20 

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A very Happy and Peaceful New Year to all our congregation, family, friends and visitors!


Sunday Services - 8:00 and 10:30                             

We have begun work on the restoration of our stained glass windows!  Please note that our regular Sunday services are unchanged throughout the course of the project so come along on Sunday at 8:00 or 10:30 and see what we are doing to improve God's Church in Washington!   

Great Ideas: As we plan our future, we'd like to know what your "great ideas are for our church.

Coloring Books & Crayons or Storybooks:  Our church is collecting for the Children at St. Lukes, P'burg. No holiday themes due to the fact that they will be given throughout the year.

Lunch and Learn: January 17th the Lunch and Learn with be hosted by the Youth Group and the theme is PASTA-BLE.

Movie & Meal: Sunday, January 25th 6 pm. Movie TBA.

SUPERBOWL: Feb 1st. Watch for insert in bulletin from the     Capital Campaign Team for Super Bowl Take Out Menu.

Linens: The Caring Closet passed out many blankets to needy families in the past few weeks. If you have an abundance of bed linens, towels and or blankets and throws, we can find them new homes. The Caring Closet is open to the public T W TH from 10 am to noon for receiving. The Church Office is open 8 to noon daily to accept donations. Thank you in advance.

Scout Sunday: All Scouts will be celebrated during the 10:00    Worship Service on February 8th. Please email the church office the names of the scouts that attend our church.             

                       Caring Cupboard Has A New Home

The Caring Cupboard of The United Methodist Church in Washington has moved into a new space in the church.  The storage room next to the nursery was cleared out to make way for shelving and food.   This change in space will make it much easier for our       Volunteers (no more steps!), Church Members who use the back door on Sunday mornings (it's right next to the Caring Cupboard) and staff (easier to grab food when it's just down the hall).                                                  The community need for food continues to grow.                   

Please consider making a donation of any of the items on this list.

With a couple of exceptions, all of them are on sale this week at ShopRite.  (The brand names on the list are the ones that are on sale.  We're not fussy about brands, but love a good bargain.)  If you go to SAM's club, they have the best price right now on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken soup. 

This is the list of what will go in each family's food bags.  Sometimes we receive others items as well.  They will be added to supplement this list. This bag will feed a family of four for several days.  We have started including recipes for "what's in the bag" with each set of bags we give a family.  If you go to SAM's club, they have the best price right now on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken soup.  

1 box cereal (Cheerios Kix Special K)                                                

2 cans meat or protein soup (Progresso)                                          

2 cans tuna (Bumblebee)                                                                  

3 cans chicken (Bumblebee)                                                             

1 can Spam, Treet or similar                                                             

1 jar peanut butter (Skippy)                                                               

1 jar jelly                                                                                            

1 box spaghetti (Ronzoni)                                                                 

1 box orzo (Ronzoni)                                                                         

1 box penne or ziti (Ronzoni)                                                         

1 box bowties (Ronzoni)                                                                          1 box medium shells (Ronzoni)                                                     

Mac and Cheese (Shop Rite)                                                            

2 jars or cans of pasta sauce                                                            

2 sleeves of crackers                                                                                  1 pkg. applesauce (Mussleman's 6 pack)                                                            1 bottle apple juice (Shop Rite)                                                                2 cans green beans (Shop Rite)                                                          

2 cans corn (Shop Rite)                                                                       

1 box potato flakes (Idahoan)                                                            

2 cans of potatoes ( Shop Rite)                                                         

1 can mixed veggies (Shop Rite)                                                      

1 can cream soup                                                                               

1 jar salsa (Spike's mild)                                                                     

2 cans kidney beans ( Shop Rite)                                                              2 cans chicken broth (College Inn)                                                    

1 28 oz. can diced tomatoes (Tuttorosso)








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